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DBN Gogo - a pioneering woman at the heart of amapiano
DBN Gogo - a pioneering woman at the heart of amapiano

[Image: 82a6af86-edd5-4ef3-b71c-d9fb1774bb81.jpg]

South Africa's amapiano sound is phenomenally successful. I’ve played amapiano tracks on my show from Morocco, Zambia, Nigeria, Botswana, The Gambia (the list goes on). And it’s not just in Africa - Jorja Smith from the UK has an amapiano hit.

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There’s debate about where amapiano started in South Africa and who is responsible for the genre, but one thing is certain: in the early days, amapiano was a heavily male-dominated scene.

All the more impressive that DBN Gogo is now one of the most respected figures on the amapiano landscape. She’s multi-talented: a DJ, producer and a versatile singer.

DBN Gogo, who seems to be able to turn her hand to anything, told me about the origins of her stage name and how she started out.

"DBN because I’m originally from Durban, and your 'gogo' is your grandmother. That’s the direct translation but in African culture your gogo is also your spirit guide, your ancestor, so I am your ancestor in music.

"I’d been wanting to DJ for quite some time but I didn’t have anyone to teach me, then eventually my friend DJ Venom was like just pull up, come early and every Friday I’ll show you the ropes, you can practise and take it from there. So I had four lessons then I ended up being a resident at that club and I started gigging."

Amapiano is a derivative of house music, but it also draws on all the genres of South African music, for example kwaito, gqom and breakbeats.

DBN Gogo says it has been hard at times - but she is OK with that.

"I really appreciate the support I’ve received, and obviously being one of the first few females, especially DJ-ing and really pushing the sound has helped me become a household name in the genre. I just really let the work speak for itself.

"I used to be exclusively an old school house DJ, I felt at that time that people were neglecting that nostalgic sound that made people fall in love with house music."

It just so happens that DBN Gogo has a very famous father. He is Jeff Radebe, South Africa’s longest-serving cabinet minister, in office from 1994 until just a couple of years ago.

But DBN Gogo does not take kindly to the suggestion that her father’s power may have eased her path to success.

"My parents didn’t actually know to what extent this whole thing was going until they saw me perform last September, so it’s literally just been a year since they’ve known me properly to be doing this. I hid it from them for a while.

"I don’t like to talk about those guys much, they did their thing, I am doing my own thing. I wouldn’t have been hustling and fighting for people to pay me if I was being helped in any sort of way. I work and that’s all I care about."
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